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    Digital Inverter Technology

    Energy Efficiency Air Conditioner Features
    NEO Inverter comes with DIGITAL INVERTER TECHNOLOGY which gives energy savings up to 60% vs conventional models. Unlike Regular AC’s, digital Inverter models doesn’t shuts on and off the compresor and thus maintains the set temperature by adjusting its fan speed.

    Multijet Plus Technology

    Multijet Plus Technology
    The new Samsung Room air conditioner range comes with Multi jet plus technology. In order to make our condensers more strong and sturdy, the thickness has been increased by 36% as compared to previous condensers. The latest technology of Multijet Plus condensers due to its enlarged heat exchange surface cools 30% faster and gives 20% more energy saving.

    10 year warranty

    Samsung New Air Conditioner  2015
    Following Samsung’s tradition of making durable and energy saving products, the Triangle Digital Inverter AC range promises 10 year warranty on Digital Inverter Compressor, thus giving its customers a complete peace of mind.

    5 year warranty

    5 year warranty
    The new Samsung Room air conditioner range comes with 5 year warranty on Multi Jet Plus condensers.

    Single user mode

    Single user mode
    Once you press the button “Single User”, NEO Inverter can change it’s Capacity. With the function of Single user mode you can reduce max capacity of your AC which results in more energy savings than normal mode. When operating for 2 hours in normal mode and single user mode, the single user mode can save 26% energy comparing to normal mode16.

    Smart Installation

    Buy 1.5 Ton AC
    Get the confidence that your AC is perfectly Installed. With smart installation feature you can now enjoy complete peace of mind as the feature allows you to automatically check if the installation has been carried out perfectly by the installation team. The feature at a press of button allows IDU and ODU to perform a self check and revert, if any, possible chances of any installation error. The self check take approx 7 to 13 mins and if no error then number 99 appears on the digital display screen.

    ※ In case of model with LED display, light blinks and it sounds ‘beep’ when it’s completed

    2 Step Cooling

    2 Step Cooling
    Get cool quickly and keep cool comfortably without shivering
    Fast Cooling reduce cooling time up to 15 min. (33 °C→25 °C)
    Step 1.
    Adjusting blade angle to give Direct wind
    Step 2.
    Operating in Maximum speed (Fan, Compressor)

    Comfort Cooling cools you without shivering.
    Step 1.
    Reducing air-flow speed before ‘TOO COLD’
    Step 2.
    Adjusting blade angle Higher to give Indirect wind

    10 meter Long air throw

    10 meter Long air throw
    NEO Inverter comes with 10 meter Long air throw feature, which helps to cool far off corners of your room. So it back, relax and let NEO cool the entire room for you.

    Tender Lilly Blue Pattern

    Tender Lilly Blue Pattern
    Having been manufactured in India, NEO range pays close attention to Indian consumers
    need of Floral pattern liking and that’s why the inspiration behind NEO range is BLUE LILY Pattern.

    Lily is not only just a beautiful flower, Its unique shape & aesthetics appeal makes it stand out.

    Lilies have been cultivated as an ornamental plant for many years.

    Lily symbolizes new spirit and new wish, these plants in common are optimistic symbols of delight and happiness.

    Hope | Faith | Birth | Purity |Passion

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