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01_OK99_Have_a_Blast_with_1800W_Desktop_D3 lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 01 OK99 Have a Blast with 1800W Desktop D3

Have a Blast with 1800W

Pump up your audio experience with clear and impactful booming beats. LG XBOOM OK99 is designed to accommodate any party no matter the size.

Learn more about the LG XBOOM OK99

02_OK99_Blast_Horn_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 02 OK99 Blast Horn Desktop

Hear the Beat, Feel it

The LG XBOOM OK99 pumps out thumping, thunderous low-end from its 12inch mighty woofer for bass you can feel as well as hear.

03_OK99_Light_Up_Your_Party_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 03 OK99 Light Up Your Party Desktop

Light Up Your Party

Complete your party with Multi Color Lighting Woofers that changes to the beat of the music playing. The white Dual Sparkle Strips and the blue and red corner lightings highlight the party with more fun.

Discover the LG Audio Bluetooth App

04_OK99_Music_On_The_Move_Anytime_And_Anywhere_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 04 OK99 Music On The Move Anytime And Anywhere Desktop

Music on the Move Anytime and Anywhere

Start music on anywhere with LG XBOOM OK99. Grab the handles and roll your system where you need it.

05_OK99_Let_Your_Inner_DJ_Out_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 05 OK99 Let Your Inner DJ Out Desktop

Let Your Inner DJ Out

Become a DJ with Pro DJ features. Turn the jog wheel for scratching and add other various sound effects as well as looping specific part of the track by simply pushing a button.

06_OK99_Accelerate_Your_Party_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 06 OK99 Accelerate Your Party Desktop

Accelerate Your Party

Build up the energy with the Party Accelerator controller. Simply slide the throttle forward to experience the party build up with booming systems and crazy lightings.

07_OK99_Dual_USB_with_DJ_Sharing_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 07 OK99 Dual USB with DJ Sharing Desktop

Dual USB with DJ Sharing

Play and mix from two different USB drives. With DJ Sharing feature, you can easily send mixed party tracks to your phone.

08_OK99_Karaoke_Star_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 08 OK99 Karaoke Star Desktop

Karaoke Star

With the push of a button the vocals can be suppressed from almost any track and source. Change the key of the track to better suit your vocal range. Sing along to your favorite music without having to buy special tracks.

*Microphone not included

09_OK99_Various_Voices_Bring_the_Fun_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 09 OK99 Various Voices Bring the Fun Desktop

Various Voices Bring the Fun

Take control of your voice with 18 different Vocal Effects even when you sing, making every party more fun.

10_OK99_TV_Sound_Sync_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 10 OK99 TV Sound Sync Desktop

TV Sound Sync

Enjoy watching the TV with a powerful and balanced sound. Connect your TV to the LG XBOOM OK99 via optical cable or wirelessly. With compatible LG TV, you can easily adjust the volume with your TV remote control.

11_OK99_Double_Down_for_Great_Sound_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 11 OK99 Double Down for Great Sound Desktop

The More the Better

Wireless Party Link allows two LG Party Systems to be connected together to create an immersive sound. Making it even better, any compatible LG Party System can work for you to mix and match your audio.

12_OK99_Multi_Jukebox_Desktop lg xboom ok99 LG XBOOM OK99 12 OK99 Multi Jukebox Desktop

Multi Jukebox

Up to three different people can connect their devices to the speaker system via bluetooth and build a playist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Pick any available song, then just add it to the queue.

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