Every day, there are new and awestrucking innovations in technology and one can indubitably say that technology has taken over the world. Various needs arise everywhere around the world; your needs, my needs, our needs. It is the urge to proffer a solution to these needs that provokes new technological innovations.

Looking back to so many years ago, the gradual yet amazing transformation in technology leaves one to wonder “How?”.

The computer we use today can be traced as far back as 1940 when the first generation computers were created. These computers used vacuum tubes for circuitry, while adopting the use of magnetic drums for memory. But, they posed a whole lot of problem as they were so big and enormous they could take up an entire room. It doesn’t end there. They were also extremely expensive to operate, consumed a great deal of electricity, generated a lot of heat, and were very slow in performing operations.

But today, technology has taken a new shape and it definitely does rock the world. You can strap your computer system in a bag pack and walk around without being noticed. The super efficiency of google cannot also be swept under rug. Beautiful moments can be captured with just a pocket size mobile phone and stored on cloud for future purposes.  The Visual Reality innovation has also brought a new feel to technology by connecting the virtual world to the real world. These are but to mention a few…

With the various technological innovations we see today, the future is sure a technological breakthrough waiting to happen!