Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Live Smart SmartWatch

Do you know you can express yourself with your own Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s most refined smartwatch due to its usefulness in the everyday activity of individuals. Go with a bluetooth or standard LTE model, and a body size of 42mm (Midnight Black, Rose Gold) or 46mm (silver). You can match this up with a customizable watch face to make it a true match for your lifestyle. This Smart Mobile can also be customized with any strap that fits your fashion or mood before you step out. Opt for the light weight silicome selection provided or fit one of your own. Samsung Galaxy watch is compatible with 20mm and 22mm straps for its 42mm and 46mm models respectively.

As an Always on Watch, you do not always need to press a button or turn the bezel on the Galaxy Watch to show the time. All you need do is set the sAMOLED display to show at all times so you can see the time whether it’s day or night.  The Galaxy Samsung Watch keeps you always connected. The LTE version of this Smart Mobile can be made a standalone phone and messenger that goes with you anywhere. You can tap to receive a call, check messages, reply mails even when your phone is out of arm’s reach.

As your Personal fitness trainer, Samsung Galaxy Watch helps you focus on more exercises even when you do not plan them. It is possible to measure your heart rate, track your exercises, check your stress level, caffeine level, water level and lots more.  It wakes up with you and helps you to effortlessly keep track of your day and reflect on your day. It briefs you on your sleep pattern display before bed time and your health data for the day.

The Galaxy watch is engineered to endure extreme weather  conditions. You can confidently wear your Galaxy Watch out in the rain or other challenging conditions. It allows you to be more active outdoor, enduring through tough conditions because of its 5 ATM water resistance and military standard durability.

Tired of carrying your wallet about? Forgot your wallet at home or in your car? Bothered about moving around with large sums? With Samsung Pay on your Galaxy Watch(Galaxy watch only supports NFC Samsung Pay), making a purchase is as easy as a flick of the wrist. You do not need to have your wallet with you.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch of size 46mm and 42mm comes with a 472mAh  and 270mAh battery size respectively. As a standalone watch it can last for as long as 3 days and with the use of bluetooth and wireless it lasts for as long as 2 days. Charging the Galaxy Watch is effortless. Set it down on the wireless charging dock and the charging process begins on its own.

The Basic Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch are:

  • Either a 1.3″ (46mm) or 1.2″(42mm) super AMOLED touch display with Gorilla DX+ glass.
  • 5 ATM water resistance and IP68 dust resistance.
  • Either a 472mAh battery (46mm) or 270mAh battery (42mm)
  • Runs Tizen OS 4.0
  • Exynos 9110 dual core 1.15 GHz processor
  • A heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer.
  • The LTE version include 1.15GB of RAM and 4GB of storage.
  • The bluetooth version includes 768MB or RAM and 4GB of storage.