Daily Tips:- How To Clear Junk From Your Phone

Do not be surprised, smartphones can also store junk files. When these files remain for a long period, they can affect your storage and limit the allotted space required for other operations. But there’s good news, you can clear junk files off your phone using the PHONE MASTER APP.

How to clear:-

  • Launch the Phone Master App in your App drawer.
  • Tap on the junk FILES Icon
  • The REMINDER message will appear, tap on Go To Settings.
  • On the next screen, tap on PHONE MASTER
  • Tap on the toggle switch “PERMIT USAGE ACCESS”. Now your junk files will appear, these includes installed app packages that may not be necessary on your device anymore, duplicate photos e.t.c
  • Carefully select what junk file you want to clear. When you are done, tap CLEAN